Seriously, how old are you?
Yes, I’m 24 years old! My birthday is 12.25.94

Is it true you lost your virginity to a porn star?
Yes, on my 16th birthday I hired one of my favorite grrls for a private. Met her at The London Hotel in Hollywood. Cost my BIG money, but it was worth every penny! My parents will die if they find out cuz I used all my savings for the best 2 hours of my life. Grrl, you know who you are and I’m saving up for the next round… Please be ready and bring those nasty boots!

What was your first concert?
I was lucky enough to go to EDC in Vegas two years ago.Rolled my ass off! I don’t remember too much, but the fotos are sick!

Who is your favorite Photographer?
Dude, of course Mr. Avery. I also like skateboard & surf photographers a lot. As much as I want to Surf around the world, I also want to shoot the best surfers doing what the love best.

Who are your favorite grrls?
The boss will kill me if I don’t say ALL the Juliland Universe grrls, but I would say that anyways. I also have a BIG crush on Aiden Ashley. I’m hoping that someday she will let me shoot her and kiss her.

Do I have any tattoos?
Yes, I have more than a few. Started getting ink when I was 16. I want more, but I’m taking my time choosing the right artist and I want the best.

What is my favorite kind of porn?
That’s a tough one. I love anything that has hot, nasty grrls that look good. I hate bad porn! I love quality and real fucking. I hate movies and parodies. I love what Kink.com does, but some of it scares me. I love blow job POV’s cuz I want to create my own site someday.

What is your dream photo shoot?
Wow!!! I can dream big, but lets just say it involves 2 grrls, my camera, lots of sex at some hotel by the beach.

Your favorite Surfing Beach?
I have not been to too many place, but I’ve had some fun down in Mexico with friends and got some tasty waves. I hope to get to Hawaii and Australia in the next year to get serious and ride the big waves!

What are you goals with The Juliland Universe?
Just to learn as much as I can and if I’m lucky meet as many grrls as I can.