My name is Chad Gates and I’m new to this shit. I’m young, 18 to be exact. I’m excited, wouldn’t you if you were me? I’m fucking cool, cuz I get to shoot naked grrls. And I’m very lucky, cuz the Juliland Universe is giving me this chance to live my dream. I know you are asking “what kind of dream does an 18 year old young man have?” I will tell you, I’ve been a big fan of naked grrls for a very long time. Yes, I was looking at internet porn way before my time. I love all grrls and I love photography. I became a huge fan of Richard Avery’s and followed him religeously from day one. I was lucky enough to stalk him from afar with emails. He was nice to enough to help with my photography, school, life and of course grrls.

This friendship has been going on for over 3 years. Now that I’m 25 and out of school Mr. Avery has given my first internship her at the Juliland Universe. It hasn’t been easy, but its always fun and the grrls are fucking hot! I love everyone of them and if I had my way… I would do nasty things to each and everyone, but around here… That is a NO NO! I agree with Avery, being a professional is first and foremost. I’m so lucky to have Mr. Avery as a mentor and my goal is to listen to everything and learn ALL that I can.

A bit about me… I was born in Malibu. Hated school, love photography, love surfing, like weed, hate red meat, really love grrls, love music (mostly electronic), love movies, hate real work, not a big fan of my crazy family, like drugs on a occasion, I really love fucking, have a mad crush on Alektra Blue, worship the evil of Aiden Ashley (if only she would go out on a date with me) and I think Ash Hollywood is the sexiest grrl I have ever met. I drive a BMW (thanks dad for the graduation gift). When I’m not slaving around the offices you can find me with the grrls at any bar we can find.

As for technical bullshit…I shoot with a Canon 7D and I hope someday I will get a 5D. Maybe for my birthday.  I love to get grrls naked and I make sick photos. I’m new to video and have a lot to learn. I wanna do this for a long long time so I’m trying to learn everything I can from Mr. Avery. If I’m lucky, someday I hope to have my own site with lots of cute young grrls doing everything I want! I know I have much to learn, but thats what makes me so lucky. I’m learning everything from the boss.

I hope you like my work and this new effort. I just hope to have some fun and share it with you.